Who is Wall Street West?

Wall Street West is a highly specialized financial services company. We own and operate a hedge fund and a sports information services division. Wall Street West is focused on sports picks for the purpose of creating income. We cover professional sports like Basketball, American Football, Hockey, Baseball and Soccer. Our objective is the very fast, aggressive growth of funds.   













O.J. Fleming


O.J Fleming is one of the early founders and financiers of Wall Street West. He currently serves as both a Financial Advisor and an Investor.


Mr. Fleming is a Master Electrician with more than 45 years of industry knowledge, business development experience and upper management expertise. He has managed an office staff in excess of 50 people and an outside work force in excess  of 500 people.


Besides excelling in his corporate responsibilities, Mr. Fleming has been extensively involved in the design, purchasing, cost analysis and construction of over 250 projects throughout the United States and Canada.


Mr. Fleming helped develop one of the first nationwide apprenticeship programs certified by the Federal Bureau of Apprenticeship for Open Shop Contractors. He also has developed training programs and manuals for project managers, estimators and craftsmen. Mr. Fleming has also developed an award winning safety program. 


​​A Pioneer


In the mid 1990s Wall Street West was one of the very first online news and commentary services focused exclusively on small, publicly traded startup companies. These companies had no way to get their message out. So they came to us.


Wall Street West not only helped shape the images of these companies but also distributed the latest news, information and updates for shareholders and prospective investors. 

This tradition continues today with the Wall Street West special financial information division. This time our focus is on very short term financial opportunities for small investors. The best part is that not only do we distribute the information but we invest as well. Wall Street West, our investors and our customers are in this together as a team!

Wall Street West is a pioneer in financial services in the information age. 
















Dr. Daryn Fleming is the founder, President and CEO of Wall Street West. He is a Hedge Fund manager, Metaphysical Analyst and Futurist.  Dr. Fleming is also an ordained minister with two Bachelors Degrees, two Masters Degrees and a Ph.D.


In 1997, Dr. Fleming and a team of small investors founded Wall Street West, an advisory service to small publicly traded companies.  Wall Street West assisted with the creation and distribution of corporate news, commentaries and other investor information.    

In the year 2000, Dr. Fleming founded a publicly traded company called International Broadcasting Corporation.  The company produced and distributed a 24-7 lineup of original talk radio content.  They truly had an international audience, as the service was broadcast via satellite, shortwave, AM and FM radio stations as well as the Internet.  The company also acquired an online movie division.


Dr. Fleming worked closely with world famous paranormal investigator Lou Gentile to create original material like The Lou Gentile Show, Wade Gordon's Sound Explorer, The Bill Waggoner Show, Feet to the Fire, and Captain's America.  Syndication deals brought additional content like UFO abductee Whitley Strieber's Dreamland and The Twilight Zone radio shows.   


In year 2003, Dr. Fleming hosted a radio talk show called Stock Talk LIVE, believed to be the very first business radio talk show focused exclusively on the live, continuous news and commentary coverage of small, publicly traded companies.  Stock Talk LIVE was on the air each and every business day from the market open into the close and beyond.


Stock Talk LIVE was a favorite not only because of its cutting edge interviews of CEOs and other business leaders but also because of its open-ended format where small, independent investors could call into the studio and share their stock tips and investment ideas with an attentive audience. 


In 2004, Dr. Fleming launched a subscription service which enabled small investors to profit from short term investment opportunities.  Dr. Fleming is a specialist in creating profitable situations starting with very small amounts of capital. 


Dr. Fleming utilizes a proprietary method combining mathematical and metaphysical analysis with artificial intelligence to produce an amazing winning track record. In some circles, he was known as "Stockstradamus" for forecasting terrific stock market moves during the 1990s. Today, Dr. Fleming applies the same methods to sports picks.  Dr. Fleming delivers only the very best!  

Daryn Fleming, Ph.D

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