• Daryn Fleming, Ph.D

The Stock Market is on Fire in the Trump Era

Do you remember all of the gloom and doom put out by the media about President Trump during the election of 2016? It is actually difficult to forget when we see how the President is treated by the media. The stock market was supposed to crash by at least 50%, as there was speculation about a nuclear war and the world coming to an end.

It was interesting to see the market pullback in the pre-market the morning after the election. The Dow Futures market actually declined by nearly 800 points overnight. But after the markets opened up everything settled down and the Dow actually closed up by 257 points that day. This was an all time high. The rest is history.

President Trump has been the best stock market President we have had in a long, long time. The Dow was priced around 18,000 when Obama left. Less than two years later it is up near 27,000. The media and other Trump Haters and Sore Losers were all wrong. The overreaction and hysteria regarding Trump has just not transpired in any meaningful and real way.

The reality is that the markets were and are still excited about President Trump. They seem to not mind his wild and crazy presentation style. They also like how he has stripped most of the business stifling regulations put in place by the Obama administration. The fact that the market moved so little in the final months of the Obama administration and then moved up so much during Trump proves this out.

If markets are any predictor of future events then President Trump is poised for a great victory for a second term. The market doesn't even seem to blink at any talk of impeachment or the Russia investigation. If anything has happened under President Trump, the belief that Democratic Presidents are better for stock markets has all but been shattered. Another glass ceiling has also been shattered -- that a celebrity could never be elected President of the United States.

All I can say is never forget the Trump Axiom of 2016 -- Never try to predict or bet against anything Trump-related. The odds are heavily stacked against you that you will lose.


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