• Daryn Fleming, Ph.D

Welcome to 2019 and a Market Recovery

Well we made it through a miserable market year of 2018. It was turbulent and ugly in every way, especially the last couple of months of the year. But now we are onto a brand new year and hopefully with it a market recovery and a continuation of a strong market that began with the election of President Trump and continued through the first year of his term.

Indeed, the beginning of 2019 looks strong. Sure, it has only been a few weeks since the turn of the new year. But the flash crashes and big collapses and the negative press that goes along with that seems to have at least subsided. It appears that many experts are now dismissing the doom and gloom predictions of recession and market declines that appeared in 2018. Many chart and technical experts say that the bottom has been put in and that as long as markets and business continue their positive tone we should look for new highs in 2019.

It is truly amazing how things can turn around so quickly. One month we are hearing about global economic collapse, the failure and disaster brought on by the negative effects of tariffs on China, how interest rates are now rising and the next housing collapse is imminent. The next month we hear about how close the United States is to a trade deal with China and how unemployment continues its historic lows along with continued good corporate earnings and an economy that continues to hum.

The good news for short term investors is that we get to successfully weather whatever market storms happen with our various strategies and techniques for getting in and out of the market. This applies whether the market goes up or down. Long term investors who continue to buy shares during the pullbacks and declines get to profit even more than they would have had their been no declines at all.

I hope everyone has a profitable new year with whatever market action you are involved in. I also hope the press stops their negative doom and gloom predictions which do not really accomplish anything other than making people angry. Happy New Year and happy investing!


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